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All services require proper registration prior to the service.



Tantric Spiritual-Erotic Rituals
(Holistic Hands-On Healing - Erotic Massage)
NOTE:  This service is oriented more around the needs of the recipient than their maturity level, or their curiosity about Tantra in general. The service is classified as a holistic healing service by Universal Ministries, and is to be performed as such. That CAN include spiritual healing, as well as physical healing, because the result of having your energies cleared and balanced in the service CAN help you to connect or reconnect with THE SOURCE of all universal energy, and thus raise your overall sense of well-being. When you experience BLISS, you are tapping into the pure positive "source energy" that we are all meant to experience in our journey here as biological beings. To experience BLISS is to connect with THE CREATOR of all that is, because THE CREATOR is pure positive energy.

The Tantric Spiritual-Erotic Massage Rituals are specifically designed to significantly raise endorphin, oxytocin, and DHEA levels in the body. Those 3 natural chemicals in the body have been shown, through scientific medical research, to bolster overall good health. They have been proven to: alleviate depression, alleviate anxiety, energize the body's natural immune system, ward off serious dieseases such as heart disease~high blood pressure~stroke~cancer~prostate problems, reduce pain, improve mental and emotional health, and improve sleep patterns. In some instances, they may also help with E.D. and longevity issues.
Additonally, as I am an empathic healer, I do some Reiki work on the Chakra areas, and sometimes mineral therapy using crystals or stones as I deem necessary.

There is a link to related health studies and reports in the "Article & Site Spotlight" area of the "Lobby" page.
To view a diagram of the Chakra Zones and related energies, Click HERE.

To view the weekly ad, outline, and benefits of the service, click this link.


60 minutes ~ $160

Recommended for those with none to moderate experience with
Tantra, and/or have little to moderate control over their initial release.
Introduction to relaxation meditation and breathing techniques. Introduction to the goals of the ritual, the health benefits of the ritual, and the purpose of Chakra clearing and energizing.


1 hour and 15 minutes ~ $200
Recommended for those who have graduated from the beginner phase, and have or have gained more than moderate control over their initial release. This is an extension of the beginners ritual session, and has a slower build-up time with more intensity.


1 hour and 30 minutes ~ $240

Recommended for those who have mastered the Intermediate phase, and have gained above average control over their initial
release. A longer amount of time is spent on techniques, and more techniques are added. This is an extended version of the 60 and 75 minutes services, includes everything covered in both, and has an even slower build-up with more intensity.

NOTE: All above ritual services include: consultation time, preparation meditation & breathing instruction, relaxation massage, Chakra Reiki work, as-needed mineral or crystal therapy, Lingam & Sacred Spot massage, Tantric body rubbing, and after-service relaxation time - about 10 minutes.
(See: TRN6 FAQ for more information about definitions of terms in "Questions About Tantra", and "Questions About Services".)


Please read the
before registering for these services.


Newcomer Specials
* Tantric Spiritual-Erotic Massage *
60 minute service
$40 OFF
75 minute service
$50 OFF
90 minute service
$60 OFF

* See: Online Donations page for payments via credit card  *

* Vips / Repeat Clients Specials  *
Email me, I will send you the current specials.
 Book ahead to lock in your desired time for this week.
Please note that all of these sessions are done as a religious
"hands on" healing or energizing ritual. These rituals promote
healing and energization of the body through natural holistic
means, but in no way imply any guarantees or presume to take
the place of prudent medical advice or attention.
The "Rates" listed with the Tantric Spiritual Erotic Massage
rituals are the minimum donation required to perform that
particular ritual in length. You may give more, but you may not
give less than the minmum listed for the ritual. There are specials
offered for the minimum donation (like the ones above), that
allow you to donate a smaller amount for the ritual.
* Donation minimums are non-negotiable *
When donating for the ritual, please submit the donation
in a card or sealed envelope marked:
"Donation: Universal Ministries".


Please note that all the services listed below
are non-erotic / non-ritual services, and
may be requested by anyone ages 21 +.

Non-Erotic Spiritual Massage
Includes: Relaxation massage, Chakra energization and
attunement, and crystal and mineral therapy as needed.
Recipient is given a meditation to work on during appointment,
and at home.  * Initial session must be 1 hour. *
(Make a note of "Non-Erotic" on your appointment request.)
~ $40 for 30 minutes (tune-up/follow-up session)
~ $80 for 60 minutes (initial session)

Spiritual Counseling:
General Life Issues ~ $60 an hour
~ Career, Money, Family, Religion & Faith
Intimacy & Relationships ~ $90 an hour
~ Intimacy issues, Dating, Sexuality, Marriage
Adult Abuse Survivors ~ $90 an hour
~ Includes help-book referral, addresses the effects on
individual spirituality caused by child abuse, addresses
self-defeating behaviors caused by child abuse, includes
spiritual support in preparing for abuser confrontation,
includes postivie affirmations and affirmation hand-book
referral for healing and positive living
* Multiple sessions required for this counseling service
* Must be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance



Sexual Karma Reading ~ 30 minutes, $60
Delves into your sexual psyche and subconscious to pinpoint
ways to improve encounters, and best ways to correct any
disfunctions that may be present.

Karma Life Readings
30 minutes ~ $50
1 hour ~ $100


Basic Chart with Interpretations ~ $60

A basic Birth/Natal Astrological wheel chart with
interpretations, delivered to your email within 48 hours
after your payment by MS Word attachment. Sample
provided upon request.

Indepth Chart with Interpretations ~ $120

A full indepth wheel chart with Interpretations that includes
extended aspects, delivered to your email account within 72
hours after your payment by MS Word attachment.
Sample provided upon request.
<> Required information for this service is:
* Your name  (first name required, last name optional)
* Exact ~ Month, Date, and Year of your birth
* Location of your birth ~ City, State, Country
* Time of your birth listed on your Birth Certificate
This information is necessary to determine the exact planetary alignments at the time and location of your birth on the earth. Without this information, your chart would be vague and inaccurate.

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